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NICU Outreach

WLU is dedicated to supporting families who are in or have had a recent stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Baby Toes
Baby's Grasp

Consider This...

* A young family brings home premature triplets. They need a lot of formula, diapers, clothing, and specialty items for premature infants.

* A one-income family has a new addition to their already family of 4, and their new baby has Down Syndrome.

* New parents have a baby with a complex medical profile. They have multiple doctors appointments after going home from the NICU and will need gas cards to get there.

What We Do

Stays in the NICU can be long, stressful, and even traumatic. Then, families go home to their unique situations that can be less than ideal. 

In addition to providing resources such as gift cards and basic needs items (clothing, diapers, bottles, etc.) to NICU families, our goal is to pray and help guide families on the path of peace, hope, and healing through the love of Jesus.


WLU has a dedicated prayer team!

Do you love babies as much as we do...?

As providers and therapists in the NICU, we know babies need your support!  Your generous giving allows us to reach babies and families.


You can also email us for our Amazon wishlist! Items are included in the blessing baskets we provide to NICU families in hospitals and at home.

LeAnn D., CA

“It really helped to have gift cards for food when we were traveling back and forth to the NICU. The basket full of supplies when we went home was amazing!"

Sara A., CO

"After being released from the NICU (90 day stay), we were so grateful to receive a blessing basket from WLU! It helped a lot with our transition to home when we didn't know what life would look like."


“After my inner healing session with April, I felt a peace, lighter in my spirit, and a shift within me. She was safe, and it was a huge blessing! ”
Holding Newborn

In the NICU, parents and family are an infant's most important nurturer. Just as a major goal of the NICU team is to set baby and his/her family up for success, WLU aims to support baby and family as they transition to home. We want parents to have what they need as baby continues to grow and thrive at home. We also offer free inner healing sessions for NICU parents who may have experienced trauma during their NICU stay. 

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