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Connect. Encounter. Grow.




We help you to connect with Jesus through prayer to deepen your intimate relationship with Him. If connecting with God is new for you, our sessions are a great way to discover, practice, and strengthen connection.


We invite God to encounter you. He is so personal. He knows you, sees you, and wants to meet you in the midst of where you are in your walk with Him.


If you are feeling more connected to only one or two parts of our triune God, we can help you explore relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through encounter.

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Our hope is that you grow in intimacy while being healed and set free from wounds of the past, and then seek to continue to grow with Him in your daily walk. Our desire is for you to operate from the overflow to impact others using your spiritual gifts and through your God given destiny! 

What is a Lighthearted Inner Healing session?

Lighthearted Inner Healing sessions are a safe space for personal encounters with God. They are facilitated by an inner healing prayer minister but Holy Spirit led. We come alongside you to support you in your journey of connecting with and becoming more like Jesus! By allowing God to minister to us and to deep areas of our hearts, we can start becoming the people he created us to be.  Free, confident and more fully aware of his great love for us.


While some sessions focus on connection only, the Lord often brings breakthrough, freedom, and healing because it is simply His character! The number one goal of any session is your comfort! While the facilitator helps to hold the space, we empower you to move with Holy Spirit during your session time. If this is new for you, you are not alone! Along the way, we will be using our spiritual discernment and listening in for what heaven is saying to help to guide your prayer session. At the end, we release hope and encouragement through prophetic words, if desired. 

April Covey

Hi, I'm your inner healing facilitator! I have completed over 100 inner healing sessions and can't wait to meet with you!


I have countless personal testimonies of connection, growth, healing, freedom, intimacy, revelation, breakthrough in identity, and clarity on my destiny through inner healing using the Prophetic Heart Healing modality. 

Let the journey begin! 

*Please see our "Book Now" page for rates, including discounted package rates. 

*Special rates for BSSM students, Destiny 508 leaders, and PHH graduates



How long
are sessions?

All sessions are 60

minutes in length.

Where are the sessions held?

All sessions are held online via Zoom. If you are local, in-person session may be available.

How many sessions do I need?

We recommend at least 3, but we know even one will bless you!

Is this a counseling session?                 Who needs a heart session?                 Are my sessions confidential?                                                                                                                                                  

Everyone! God wants to encounter each one of us. We are all on a journey to walking in the fullness of who God made us to be. He loves when we partner with Him in the journey. These sessions are also open to non-Christians or people looking into Christianity.

Yes! Your session is 100% confidential. No details of your session will be shared.

No. These sessions can compliment Christian counseling sessions but we are trained prayer ministers, not counselors. 

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Have deeper questions?

We want to answer them! 

Discovery Call

Visit our booking page to schedule a 15 minute clarity call

and get all of your questions answered!

What Others are Saying...

Susan S., Canada

How uplifting to pray with April! I wasn't sure what to expect, but the more sessions we had and the more I trusted the process, the more I received the gifts God had for me. I began to experience his love and power in new ways, and the peace I experienced was overwhelming. My personal prayer time has since deepened, and God has shifted my perspective overall. I am so thankful to discover more about who He is and His plans for my life.

Fiona S., North Carolina

I had the honor and the pleasure of spending time with Jesus through an intimate session with April as His vessel. I had been feeling some distance between Jesus and myself and the session helped close the gap between us. There was immense peace, and I was able to feel Him clearly through the session. I highly recommend this for any kind of healing or just the access of getting closer to Him with April facilitating the prayer session.

Jerome W., Oregon

Though I was cautious at the beginning as I got to know Christ, the broadening and understanding of my life with God has exponentially increased. These prayer sessions have opened up my life beyond the daily apprehensions I've felt. The fears from before are now blessings ahead, knowing I have Jesus in my corner. The confidence recieved during each prayer session fills my heart with hope.

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